November 11th, 2004

Cabaret - Mein Herr

Film Review One of Many (Hopefully)

Well, today was certainly interesting.  Cynthia was on leave and Sandra was off ill, which just left me and Zoe manning (or womanning, I suppose) the office, except then Zoe went to minute a conference, and I was left on my own.  Which was of the good, in a way, because it meant I got a good few hundred words of chapter 5 of Come Forward done without having to watch over my shoulder.  And also of the bad, because I was left answering phones, trying to find out where the hell Breda was (she's the Chair who's taking over all of Judy's old cases; she tends to just not turn up to conferences) and counselling a decidedly stressed social worker in the process...  Oy vey.

Other than that, it was uneventful.  Except then someone phoned up looking for Dawn, who we hadn't seen, prompting Zoe to theorise that there was a great hole in the sky sucking up all of our Reviewing Officers...

After that, I met up with last_dance outside Lloyds TSB/Pij, so we could go and see The Grudge, her being the only feasible person I could see it with.  I also wanted to get some photos of the Wheel with the Hall of Memory in front of it.

Collapse )

And then we saw the film.

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This was going to be far more coherent, but I'm tired.  Other films I'm hoping to see this season are: Finding Neverland, hopefully on Saturday; Birth, with Nicole Kidman, my theory being that she's not in a film with Johnny Depp yet, but I can watch two separate ones and pretend; Ladies in Lavendar, because it looks quite interesting.

Apparently the Phantom movie opens in December.  Collapse )

So, yes.  I need to think about fluffy bunnies and happy things, for various reasons.