November 28th, 2004

SB - Max - Oy

And something slightly less annoyingly angsty.

1000 comments!  Covering such diverse topics as Buffy, Most Haunted, -isms, imaginary words, HTML, two entirely separate occurrences of meeting in real life and the organisation thereof, four layout changes between the both of us, music, clothing, quotes, Jonathan Creek, fangirling, etc., etc., etc...

Well.  1001, now.  Eni's de-FO'd the post so people can read it, though because of the ridicously stretched page the comments are a bugger to read.  I'll put it all into a Word document and let it HTML it at some point.

In other news, there's a ghost typist in our house.  A few weeks ago, after a night out, I'd come in and gone straight to bed.  My mother was in the other room on her computer, and she said that as she left that room and headed towards mine, she was convinced I was still awake because she could hear typing in my room - obviously my typing, more to the point - right up until she got into the room and found it darkened and me in bed.

And this morning, the same happened to me.  I was standing just outside the bathroom, the door of which was half-closed, and I could hear typing in the back bedroom (where her computer is), so assumed she was in there.  Went in to have a look, the computer was off and the room was empty.  She was actually in the bathroom.  And what's even weirder is what I heard was distinctly her typing.  We both type differently, see.  My keyboard's louder.

We've eliminated a possible cause as being the boiler, because it doesn't sound like water in the tank, it sounds like frelling typing!  And the fact that it's been heard from both rooms with computers in on separate occasions, when said computers were off, is just weird.

It only seems to be centred around the area by the bathroom door.  So, we've either got a ghost that likes typing, or we're both going insane...