November 29th, 2004

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Sometimes, people don’t suck as much as I thought…

Yesterday was interesting.  Mundane, by most standards, but interesting.  My father texted to say that he wasn’t coming because he felt ill (which was good, because I was knackered anyway) so instead we went to Asda to get the beginnings of the Christmas food shopping, then watched Eastenders and lots of the other Sunday evening television.

We caught the apparent second part of an adaptation of Oliver Twist starring the ever-talented Julie Walters, Robert Lindsay (the bloke from My Family; he got a degree at Derby, y’know…) as Fagin, and Kiera Knightley.  It’s quite good, though seems to be not only adapting the book but adding things to it in the process.  One of the breaks showed the shortened trailer for the Phantom movie.  Eek.  It’s all big and cinematic.  I’m quite scared.

Anyway.  The hilarity happened mid-way through, when, having eaten far too many liquorice bootlaces (bought at Worcester’s Christmas Fair on Saturday) – strawberry-flavoured ones, at that – there was an advert for that new animated thing with Tom Hanks.  You know how they have to put warnings on everything now, like “Some violence, some slight terror”, that sort of thing?

Well, this is certainly a new one.  “Contains mild peril.”

Which, for some reason, I found completely hysterical, to the extent that it, combined with OMGsugarrush!, caused me to still be giggling about twenty minutes later.  Remember when you used to get the dreaded Giggles as a kid?  Yeah.  That.  Except when you’re 23, it really bloody hurts.  I would counter the “laughing is good for you” sentiment with the “but my stomach aches and I can’t breathe” argument…  The noises I was making could pretty much be equated to this:

“Hahahahahahahaowwwwheeheeheeheeheeeowwwww… ow.  Ow. [comedic pause]  *snort* Pahahahahaha!”

For twenty minutes.  It was painful.

As to the people not sucking, we watched the last half of The Ultimate Film, with John Cleese, which was a poll of the 100 top movies, as determined by the actual statistics of people that saw them in the UK, rather than people voting.  We had a bet midway through with David, which we won, by half a point: I said that Titanic would be in the top 5 and it was in the top 10; we both said that a Disney animation would be in the top 5 [Snow White came third, which my mother’d also nominated as a film in the top 5 in its own right], I said The Sound of Music, which came second, and she said Gone With the Wind, which won.  So, it turns out that the actual movie-going public sucks less than I anticipated.  All three Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films came in the top 50, some in the top 20.  But it just goes to show that the classics are still, after 70 years, top of the pile.  The day something beats Gone With the Wind in terms of production value, attendance, and popularity even twenty years down the line, I might regain my faith in Hollywood.

But until then, the majority of people still suck. ;)

Also, on Sunday morning, I had a vaguely Pirates of the Caribbean-related dream.  In it, Johnny Depp and Kiera Knightley were having a comment-tennis, only on paper, and in two separate rooms… but as their characters, in the comments.  It was confusing.  All I expressly remember is this weird bit wherein Kiera said “Do you think Jack meant those things he said?” – those things being shippy things, obviously – and then there was something with a metal hut on a beach (the sand was red near the hut and sand-coloured everywhere else) and something I don’t quite recall that was vaguely ominous, just as I woke up.  And now I have this wonderful line in my head that’s just dying to be a fic, somehow:

Jack: [sternly, warning her] I’ve killed more people than you can count, missy!
Elizabeth: [gives him a look]
Jack: Oh, all right, I’ve killed more people than I can count.  But that’s beside the point.

Probably quite inaccurate, but it amused me when it popped into my head. =)
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Love meme, continued.

Why I love rachel2205.

rachel2205, I will admit that even though we've been on each other's f-lists for quite a while (nearly half a year, I think, perhaps longer) I don't seem to know you in the same chatty way that I know other people.  I barely comment on your entries, but I read all of them, and the main reason I don't comment is because I can never think of anything to say that will do justice to the intelligence and insight you've posted.  That's one of the things I admire about you, for a start.  You work hard to achieve the things you aspire to, and you fully deserve everything good that comes your way.  In which case, belated congratulations are also in order. :)

You stand by your morals, as well as your faith, but unlike others, you don't try to inflict it on other people.  I don't share your beliefs, but that's not to say I don't understand or appreciate the value and power of faith.  It's people like you that I find the most admirable, those who can openly discuss their beliefs without trying to 'convert' people to their way of thinking, and who are also open to discussion and friendly debating.

You're a Spuffy fan, too, which makes you A-okay in my book.  And you hate Kennedy. :)  And you like The Phantom of the Opera and The 10th Kingdom and Labyrinth and all sorts of other exciting things. :D

Another thing to mention is that you have great taste in music, if the mix tape is anything to go by.  Also, you have lovely taste in (ridiculously expensive) shoes.

I'm not sure what else to say, really.  You're a lovely individual, and I hope we get to meet up one day or at least get to know each other better in the online world.

I still have to do thefleshfailure's love-meme post, but hopefully I'll manage that tomorrow.  Offer's still open - anyone else want some love?  Or, y'know, I could hate you.  Whichever you prefer. :P
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