December 9th, 2004

Photo - leaves

Wow, it's Christmas.

When did that happen?  I have three cards, now, two of them through the post today - one from Clare (uni Clare) and one from izzles, which made me cackle hysterically.  I love the little picture. :D

So, this weekend is my present-making/wrapping and card-writing weekend.  And, wow, I really don't want to go into work tomorrow.  We're meant to be seeing the Phantom movie in the afternoon anyway, so I can't even work a full day, and I was in pain most of today (didn't go in yesterday from sheer exhaustion.)  My leg/ankle feels suspiciously like it might be broken... it doesn't hurt like it should do if it was broken, but it feels like it is.  Like there's something digging into my skin from the inside, y'know?  That.

Anyway.  Thank you to izzles, and now I'll get through the mass of comments in my inbox...

Edit: I need to make some Christmas fandom icons... :)
Spuffy - with or without



She's got a new job, see, and they have free internet, so she's back with computer and online access, and we've just spent the past hour and a half chatting and updating on life stuff.  I didn't realise just how much I'd missed her.

*hugs the Katie*
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