December 26th, 2004

Random - Trees

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16 minutes late, but eh...

Christmas Eve was spent doing the usual Familial Duty (which wasn't as bad as usual) and some random drinking in the Briar, though I left early in order to go home for buffet-type foods, which were very nice.

And today has been nice.  David bought us the largest rib of beef I've ever seen in my life, which OMGwooooow... yum.  Plenty of lovely presents (including a prettypretty biography of Johnny Depp from Eni, which was nice, lots of DVDs [Shrek 2, Farscape Deluxe 3.5, so I now have the whole set, all the episodes ever of The Pink Panther, the Evanescence tour from Paris, and Most Haunted Live Volume 1, which I am most looking forward to watching.  Yay, the geek!], the Season 4 Farscape Companion, a home-made dark red poncho [waaarrrrm], some new slippers and some stripey slippersox, a hat, and lots of chocolate, amongst other bits.

For those that didn't know, I made Eni a hat, as per her wishlist request, as well as copying the new Michael Ball CDs and sending her a (green) balloon pump, in light of the Hallowe'en insanity.  She loved the hat, Collapse )

Made in a total of two days after lots of cursing and stabbing myself with pins.  I'm very glad she likes it.  No, I don't do requests, though I may have to make one for myself, now...

So, yes.  Also a Magic Tree off Alison that grows fuzz... it's growing in the kitchen at the moment, but I haven't checked on it since about 5.00pm, so may get rather a shock tomorrow.


Hope everyone had a lovely day.

Will email New Year's stuff next week at some point to ascertain who's actually coming...