December 28th, 2004

Spuffy - with or without

Public Service Announcements

Announcement the First

Does anyone want a scanner?

It's a Packard Bell Diamond 1200 Plus,Win 98-XP-compatible, built-in USB cable, complete with instruction manual and installation CD.  Lots of nifty features and one-touch functions like photocopying, picture-emailing, etc., and compatible with most image programmes like Photoshop.  It also comes with another imaging package, PhotoDeluxe if you want it.  It's fairly compact, opens on the long edge rather than the short one, can be stood on its side, and is a very pretty blue-y grey colour. ;)

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It cost about £60.00 at the time but I'll sell it for half that if anyone wants it.  It's a pretty good scanner, and the reason I'm selling is because it no longer works with my computer since it lost the sodding drivers for it, so I've had to buy a new one for when I get my 'puter upgraded.  It has special scanning modes for art prints and newspapers, etc, and a multi-picture function so you don't have to keep 're-loading' photos and can do three at once (kinda.)  It is slightly temperamental, but other than that it's not too bad, and for £30, you can't really complain.

I think they're selling a very similar one at the moment anyway if anyone wants to find it and see it for themselves...  I'd rather send it to a good home than chuck it out since it's actually still functional, as far as I know...  If it's not then obviously you'll get a refund. :)

Announcement the Second

Just a reminder that on New Year's Eve/New Year's morning, I have a free house and all are welcome.  Well, I say 'all'.  I can comfortably sleep two more in my room and three more downstairs and if people bring their own sleeping bags there's plenty of landing space.  If you could comment to say whether or not you're definitely coming, it would be appreciated...

Announcement the Third

bizarre_imagery, I was looking through your LJ wishlist and, since I feel bad for not getting anything for/to you on time, especially after all your hard work bringing Anime!MH to life, I think I can probably stretch to an animated Tim Burton icon. I'm horribly uninspired, but if you have any idea/preference, then I have the following on DVD to make said icon/s from:

~ Nightmare Before Christmas (also including the wondrous Vincent and Frankenweenie)
~ Edward Scissorhands
~ Big Fish
~ Ed Wood
~ Planet of the Apes (I don't know if I should admit to that...)

and everything else, pretty much, on video, if you want anything else. I can also do the photo-taking thing if you want, say, Batman or Sleepy Hollow or anything. So, say the word, and thy wish is my command.

And, no, you can't change your mind and go for a Wellies Incident icon. :P