January 7th, 2005

Erik - blank

Now the meme's out of the way, some random things.

Today, I:

~ typed out a dictation tape for our temporary Chair (whom I accidentally said "snurched" to in general conversation, and she didn't bat an eyelid.  I think she was generally overwhelmed by the confusion that is Child Protection...)
~ had nothing else to do, so spent the majority of the day having a conversation about sporks and the Evils of AOL on the Intranet message board.
~ gots me some new trainers from Skechers, which took me half an hour to find in the Bull Ring.  They're pink, I'm afraid, but very pretty, and cost me £40, but since my last pair (from Faith, for £15) are falling apart, I'd rather spend the money on something I can wear to death in a decent time, rather than a year...  My last pair of Skechers lasted me about three and a half years before they literally fell apart.  (I was trying to find a photo of them on the website, but they don't appear to be on there yet.  Damn.)
~ became inspired to write a short story (for the Today's Forecast... series, no less), whilst on the bus (the bus was unrelated, I just happened to be on it at the time), for the first time in absolutely ages.  I might attempt to write it tonight, though I don't know which 'weather' I'll use for it.  (If anyone wants to suggest something for me to use at random, weather-wise, I've already used the following: Rain, Snow, Thunder, Sunrise/Sunset, Cold Front, and Total Eclipse.  Cloudy is also going to be a future one, if I can ever regain the inspiration for it.  Suggest things!)
~ started to think about what to take with me to wear in London.  Because, obviously, I have to wear all my uber-fashionable things.  So far I've decided: Collapse ).
~ been randomly amused by how similar the backing/introduction to the two songs in my "Current Music" are.
~ remembered that new shoelaces are almost as wonderful as new socks...

And very little else.

First love post: collie_wing (I'm still thinking what to put for thefleshfailure)

So, why I love collie_wing.

Erika, I love that you're a Phantom geek to the same degree as me.  More on some days.  I love that your name even reflects that.  I love that you're so focussed on what you want to do and that you're working so hard to achieve it, because you will, because you deserve it.  I love your animal stories, especially the current puppy stories, and I love the way you tell them.

I love that you think about things - really think about things - like your Erik/Christine/Raoul triangle post, and inspire other people to think about things, too.  And in the vein of Phantom, I love that even though you were dreading the movie as much as I was, you saw it and just... let it go.  You didn't go in expecting a miracle, and didn't get one, and you just left it at that, brushed over it with a few well-placed bits of snark and nothing more.  I wish I had the strength of mind to do that.  It doesn't seem much, but it's something I admire in you - the way you can just accept stuff, and carry on.

I love your fanart.  It's purdy.  And your MSPaint POTO pictures are hilarious. :)  And you write purdy fic, too.

I love that you randomly got back in touch with me after however many months it was and prompty terrified the absolute dren out of me with your Opera-ghost story.  I also love that story, 'cause it rocks.

I... can't think of anything else.  But Erika is hereby lovely. :)  And she gets the special Erik icon for that reason. :D

Eni... yeah, you know what I'm gonna say.  I owe you, like, a drenload of stuff.  I'll get around to it eventually.  I'll see if I can't finish the first London writeup before there's another one to procrastinate over. ;)  And, oh, crap, I just remembered I still haven't finished the online bit of your Christmas present.  *head-->desk*

And don't you dare comment and say there's no rush, because, impending love post aside, one thing I hate about you is that you're so damned accepting.  So don't. :P

Stop posting, BeX.  Go to bed.