January 18th, 2005

Photo - leaves


So, I'm back from London.  There'll be photos and possibly a write-up (famous last words...) at some point.

And what else do I have to show for myself from my visit to this great city of culture?

Well, this.

Type fast.  It's funny. :D
Farscape - John&Aeryn - happiness

Holy frelling crap...

Just watched the first half of Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars, and... it's interesting.  And it's Farscape, but with, like, spangles.  And a teense of dumbing down because they're trying to continue a horrendously complicated plot arc whilst not confusing any new viewers, though said dumbing down is done in a lovely self-ironic way that the fans can smirk about it.

Dude.  I had forgotten how frelling exhausting it was.  What with the random angst and the shrieking and the "WTF?!" and the hysterical giggling and the general confusion, I mean.

Roll on next Tuesday!!