January 28th, 2005

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Remember what I said about those Phantom fangirls?

Well, they've invaded fanfiction.net, as _operasinging_ also demonstrates, though there's obviously something of a delay because they've all been looking in the Movies section.  ("OMG i didt relize it wuz a buk LOLZ !!11eleventyone")  But, anyway, they've finally found it in the Books section, and they keep reading my fic, and reviewing it.  Which, okay, is good, because they're all illiterate and really seem to like my crappy old fics, and they're upping my stats page something wonderful.

But then I got this one for Sweet Intoxication, my uber-long phanphic of pretentious Victorian angsty doom:

"You have to finish this story. U are a good author and I really hope you will continue this lovely story. Maybe u could teach me how to write such perfectly sweet stories. I really love it, u know. Do continue it! U rule!"

I know, I need to update it, I know.  I will, I promise.  Blame the Erik!Muse - I think the movie shocked him into permanent hibernation, either that or the MH-novel has taken up too much of his time.  Anyway, let's just look at that third sentence.  "Maybe u could teach me how to write..."

*snigger*  Honey, learn to spell a simple three-letter word, and I might consider it.  I am not a teacher.  I have been a beta-reader, which did involve a certain level of teaching, but those people had enough talent to be able to implement my teaching in the first place, and said teaching was only to save my own grammar vulture's sanity in the long-run. :P  You, dear reviewer, are beyond help.*

Please can someone punjab lasso the fangirls now?  Or, better yet, we'll request a Phantom section for the Movies category and they can all go congregate in there and leave us alone.  I have a feeling that trying to convince FFN staff that it's a good idea would be damn near impossible, though...

* I'm probably being slightly unfair, as she seems to at least understand the basic usage of the comma... but still, it struck me as quite ironic.
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