January 30th, 2005

JC - cockroach OTP - J/M

New stuff!

Functional stuff, for once.  Two new CD/DVD holders so I can actually see all my titles and so they're not falling over, and a new stereo, finally.  My old one served the purpose at the time - it was a vertical load CD/tape/radio with interchangeable speaker covers in blue, green and black.  The tape deck's been on the way out for a while and it's been to and from Uni, like most of my stuff, more times than I can count.  Also, the vertical load CD player wobbled too much and refused to play the end tracks on very long discs.

So I now have a snazzy new one, with pine-coloured speakers and blue inlay, and seven different display colours, which I'm having a great time playing with.  And it's sitting on top of the two new CD/DVD holders on the television unit being all small and powerful and actually filling my room with sound - there's a novel concept.  I've moved the telly and video over to the left so they're slightly nearer to the futon (I'm blind...), and because I've got rid of my old tottering CD-holder I've managed to move the wardrobe further into the room and now - get this - my door actually opens all the way!

Which is very good indeed. :)

I really have serious storage issues in here still, though.  I really need to either a) clear out more of my clothes or b) get a bigger wardrobe, and I'm loath to do that because the one I have is still relatively new.  And I've cleared my clothes out three times so far since I came home, which isn't the problem: it's the fact that I keep buying things that's the problem.

Eh, I'm sure it'll all work itself out eventually.

Anyway, after all that hard work I'm going to lounge around online for a bit until our pot roast is ready, and enjoy my fantastic new sound quality. :D (Before this, the speakers on my computer were better than those on my stereo... sad, really.)