February 2nd, 2005

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Some things.

(One thing x-posted to mosthauntedgeek, but I might as well try here, too.)

Firstly, Vicky can't come to Derek Acorah with me on the 10th, so would anyone like a free ticket?  Next Thursday at 7.30pm at the Manchester Opera House, and I'll be staying with Eni, who I'm sure will be delighted to accommodate another person... :P

Secondly, I managed to slice my thumb with the breadknife this morning.  Wonderful.

Thirdly, I swear there was something in the air today with all the randomness going on in our office.  Colleagues phoning up asking how to refer their friend's lodger's child to Child Protection, Liz being ill and not coming in the day she's back for two weeks.  Which doesn't sound so bad in retrospect, but everything seemed to happen within the same hour, my thumb aside...

Fourthly... nope, there's no fourthly.  Welcome to my boring life.
Photo - leaves

Interesting test thingy.

Dali Lama Personality Test

This test is very exciting. It only has four (4) questions, and be surprised about the results!

The human mind is like an umbrella: it works better when it opens. It is fun to answer the questions, but please follow the instructions.


Answer the questions step by step. This test has only four questions, but if you see the answers before finishing, your results will not be honest or accurate.

This is a serious questionnaire that will tell you a lot about your inner self.

Make a wish before you begin to answer.

First, order the following animals according to your preference:

a) Cow

b) Tiger

c) Sheep

d) Horse

e) Pig

Second, write a word that describes each of the following:

a) Dog

b) Cat

c) Rat

d) Coffee

e) Ocean

Third, think about someone (who also knows you and is important to you,) that can be related to the following colors (do not repeat your answers.)

Name only one person per color:

a) Yellow

b) Orange

c) Red

d) White

e) Green

Fourth and Finally, write down your favorite number, as well as your favorite weekday.

Did you finish? Verify that all your answers are accurate. Last chance to verify...

Collapse )

Was actually in an email but I thought it'd reach more people here.  Intriguing.  Apparently, I prioritise my career over money, and my pride above everything else. ;)  My enemies are stealthy, my life is vast, and I described coffee as 'brown'... which is quite worrying.
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