February 17th, 2005

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Firstly, *puts on protective armour*



22's not so bad, honest...  Er, there was going to be a link here, but I didn't get home until 6.00 and my enthusiasm has somewhat waned, so I'll do it on Saturday.  Ditto on the still-pending love-post...

Yeah.  Some scaffolding collapsed in town and the police, in their infinite wisdom, re-routed all the traffic down the two busiest roads out of town.  As a result the buses were taking an hour to get around Colmore Row.  I didn't leave work until 5.00 and didn't get to town until 5.30, which was when I gave up and walked before I'd even got to Colmore Row.  Broad Street was equally horrendous, but once on Hagley Road it seemed to speed up a bit (if only because the driver was making up for lost time) and I got back at about 6.15 or thereabouts.  Ugh.

I have two choices to get home: into town and out again, braving Hagley Road traffic, or getting three buses - two of which are rarely on time - and braving City Road traffic.  If it wasn't so far I'd ride my bike...

But on the plus side, someone from IT Services got back to me, and spend about half an hour on the phone sorting out me, Amanda, and Sandra with drive access and email.  Patient computer services people are a godsend.  I think he was more amused than anything, at me going "Oh, hang on... what?  You want what?  Oh, right.  Yeah, okay, someone else wants access to that..."

Also, no more screencaps tonight, either, because... gragh. Tired.