February 19th, 2005

SB - Betty - Oh you!


Today I have achieved:

~ changing my bed.  (No mean feat.  It's frelling impossible...)  Now I have a crisp, clean white duvet cover with a kitten on it.  It was in the kids' range at Matalan, but I couldn't resist.
~ bought yet more Falmer tops
~ rearranged the drawers again as a result
~ written 183 words of chapter 7 of Come Forward
~ added considerably to the Swircle, and remembered more randomnity from the weekend as a result... seriously, if you thought what I wrote up was random, you should see what I didn't... :S

And nothing else.

However, my father's texted to say he's "got a bad foot and can't drive" (how many times have I heard that excuse) so I don't have to go there tomorrow... which is good.  I suspect that after the reception my grandmother has given Annabelle, he's paranoid I'm going to be equally unaccepting... and quite frankly, I wasn't in the mood to meet the poor girl and have him standing there watching my every move and judging me on every word I say, so it's just as well I'm not going.

So, tomorrow I shall achieve stuff like screencaps.  Tonight I'll just work on chapter 7, I think, and try to get it finished, and sit in anticipation of my pending Fliss!icon. :D
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