February 20th, 2005

Cabaret - Mein Herr


Okay. Remember back in the Hallowe'en write-up I mentioned that Eni and I had watched herringprincess' Tubby the Tuba video, and come up with a live action cast for it? Well, I was planning on getting screencaps and putting them up for all to see, as well as something else for her birthday that I've half-forgotten about. And today, I finally got those screencaps.

There were 140 in total, then condensed to 90. Most are blurred, but dammit, they're screencaps. It's really difficult getting screencaps by way of taking photographs of the television, and I'm amazed half of them came out at all.

And some of them can now be seen, at last.

The thing I was meant to do for Eni, however, is still pending, though it's... half-done in what follows.

Tubby the Tuba - the Musical!

Turn away now if you're of a nervous disposition...


Eni, I'll send you the zip after I've eaten...