February 21st, 2005

Photo - leaves


I swear, Birmingham lives in a snowless bubble.  It's snow-proof.  Everyone seems to get snow but us.  Bah.

No.  Instead, we get hail!
Spuffy - numb

Oh, wow...

So I got the soundtrack to The Woman in White back in November, pre-ordered off Amazon.  And I'm finally listening to it now.  I'd forgotten a number of things, mostly:

~ how utterly frelling amazing some of the music is, in every way
~ how completely perfect both Maria Friedman and Michael Crawford are in their respective roles.
~ the many different OTPs that can be gathered from it - I'm spoilt for choice!
~ the Anne Catherick woman is terrifying. In a good way, but still. And she's remarkably similar to the Laura woman, in looks and voice. Scary. They'll be hard pressed to manage that next time.
~ just.  Just wow.

collie_wing, I think I should copy this for you.  You have to hear it.  Like now.  Though that would entail typing out the libretto, too... but it's a small price to pay... What do you say?  Want a copy?

Guh.  Now I remember why I was dissolving into my seat for the entire thing...
Random - Eyes

Yay, new obsession!

So, uhm... the official  Woman in White website has new stuff up, like 9 minutes' worth of clips from the show, and photos and stuff.

And, er, I got iconing urges.  These'll mean absolutely nothing to any of you, but I like 'em, so I'll share them. :P

... ... ...

No male characters yet as they're not pretty enough.  I might do some tomorrow if I get bored. :)