February 26th, 2005

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There's something quite bizarrely satisfying about hearing Danny Elfman's music on Classic FM.  Even if it's only the theme to Spiderman 2.  It's part of their Oscar night special.  I just want to know what on earth it's been nominated for.  It wasn't that good...

Edit: Ah. "Music by the unnominated Danny Elfman". It's not nominated after all.

Incidentally, since the BBC have decided not to show the Oscar coverage this year, does anyone have any idea if anyone is showing it?

Further Edit: Oh, ew. They just played the new bit that was composed for POTO to lead into Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (well, the graveyard sequence, anyway), and it's awful. It just doesn't fit. I wonder what that's been nominated for...? *listens* Ah, Best Song. Bah. And also Art Direction and Cinematography. Less arghish.

Oscars are infuriating.