March 1st, 2005

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Feeling a lot less aggravated today, though only after a while.  The car refused to function again this morning so I got the bus.  Stupid woman at the front of the queue didn't make herself obvious enough and the bus drove straight past (though in fairness to Stupid Woman, he was going at quite a lick anyway and clearly had no intention of stopping) and then the 11C stopped at a completely different stop to the one it stopped at yesterday. Look, 11C, just because you've been diverted down Hagley Road doesn't mean you can cause more annoyance by randomly changing your mind about where you stop.

Anyway, much calmer now.  Semi-considering going to the Inline MGM on Friday as I'm being coerced by random people, so will have to think about it...

Heads-up to Yoshi, etc., if they happen to wander over here. :)

Oh, yes, and the stupid on-bus CrystalEyes television/entertainment/information system decided to proclaim the Oscar winners in big, bright letters. Thanks a lot.  Though I suppose it does save me watching them and being disappointed, after four hours, to discover that Johnny Depp wasn't chosen a-frelling-gain for Best Actor.  Philistines.  I guess Finding Neverland was too long ago for the ancient Academy members to remember, and it lost out to the third bio-pic of the year - and De-Lovely wasn't nominated even once!!

Academy Ancients - you suck!

Nothing else to report.  Will try to make a start on chapter 8 of Come Forward tonight.  (Oh, and Sweet/Eve, if you're that desperate to read something of mine that's original, there's 7 chapters worth of a novel sitting right under your noses over at FictionPress under my Electra Creek pseudonym.  Not... terribly original, granted, but it's better than nothing, right?  So stop complaining and gimme some reviews! :P)
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Just changed my comment links so I know how many comments I've got.  The "Wrong, but pretty" links were starting to bug me.  So, yeah.

Just about to go through and change my friends-list colours, too, as I'm getting confused.  Going to do it by community/relationship instead.

You don't care, do you? ;)
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The house smells like boiled vegetables.  The entire house.

Except, apparently, my room, which smells inexplicably of cat-breath.  I wouldn't mind if we still had a cat...
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