March 2nd, 2005

Random - swircle - pwn n3m0!

Damn, does this mean I have to update?

New friends-list/Inline-type people.  Hello, people.

This means no more posting-avoidance...

Um.  Today was boring, really.  The only amusement came with an exceedingly random text-message tennis with thefleshfailure (ackshitI'llreplytotheswirclesoonhonest!) because it happened to be snowing.  Alas, her new and exceedingly stupid phone :P does not save the sent messages, so I only have my half of the conversation.  It ended up with me accusing her of stealing our snow because whenever she texted me back it would stop, and then somehow onto how many syllables we could cram into a single message (I think she won, with 'disestablishmentarianism' and 'antidisestablishmentarianism' in the same text) and... back to snow-stealing.  And randomness.  It was random.

Not that I should really expect anything else.  Shame about the sent-text-loss; it would've been amusing to post it...  (Edit after reading Eni's version of events: I had apparently forgotten about the asparagus and the psychically-controlled intergalactic spork... Yeah.  Random.)

Everything else was boring, really.

There was a public transport survey woman at the bus stop; apparently they're checking where people are coming from and going to in order to try and improve bus transfers.  Screw that; improve the damned buses first, it would be a start.  Y'know, have them actually running on time, or something.  That'd be a novel concept...  In any case, I couldn't finish her questions because my bus happened to turn up - on time, for the first time in about 6 weeks, so I couldn't even complain about it not running on time...  Fate has a sense of humour, apparently.

Nothing else to report...
Random - Trees

The things we remember...

Completely random remembrance from New Year's.  On New Year's morning (ish) me, Naomi and Sarra were all watching the Horror Channel, as it was the most entertaining thing we could find, and ended up catching the last half an hour or so of The White Zombie.

I don't recall that we ever figured out what was going on, but I remember a) being very impressed by some random shot of Bela Lugosi through a hole in the lattice-like stone wall (given that film-makers basically learnt everything as they were going along and the fact that someone thought to do the shot like that at that time just seemed quite impressive) and b) realising that Bela Lugosi, god love 'im, only seemed to be there so he could be Bela Lugosi, and this random comment ensued:

Me: Don't you just get the impression that Bela Lugosi only got cast because he turned up on set and went *spreads arms in gesture of greeting, adopts Lugosi-accent* "Hello!"

It loses a lot in the retelling, but was quite amusing at the time.  Like a scene out of Ed Wood, or something...

I have no idea why I just remembered that... O.O
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Got bored the other day and was feeling camwhore-ish, and only just remembered taking these. (There's two more but the camera's batteries died before I could upload them...)

Collapse )

I think I like the first one where you can't see my face the best.  Nor my horribly flabby arms.  Yeck.

It was, actually, an attempt to get a better picture of me with straight hair, but none of them are working very well.  The flash drowns everything out and my room's not bright enough to really show it up.  Also, my camera doesn't have a self-portrait function so I'm pretty much aiming and guessing.  (Incidentally, I think I was watching Most Haunted as I was taking them... :P)

Edit: And I've just realised I'm wearing cat ears. I'd really forgotten about that. O.O!