March 4th, 2005

Random - Absinthe!

Inline meetingness...

Just got back from my first Inline MGM.  And am a lot drunker than I thought I was - got home in one piece but I've just sat down and whooooa.  So apologies if any of this makes no sense...

Anyway.  Yes.

Left work at three and spent two hours in town trying to kill time - David had ordered me to go to Debenhams to buy the bag my mum wanted and I had to get a mother's day card, and I was also ordered to buy "£10.00 worth of jelly beans" - slightly misjudged that and ended up spending £15 instead. Oops.  Went to Coffee Republic for a caffeine injection to keep me awake through the MGM, and then McDonalds for some food, and then tremulously headed towards Colmore's Bar...

Oddly, I recognised Paul/Yoshi (yoshi) and Luke/McWorkerton (legs11) recognised me, which saved on confusion all around.  I was the first 'newbie' to turn up and was introduced to Mikey, Steve (stevenjos), Tangster (he does have a real name, I just can't remember it) and Tyler (ditto), and Tim (Mitophus) and probably a few others...

It was a great turn out.  Jeanette (Scooter) turned up looked terrified and confused and we recognised her by her "spiky hair and pink hoody"; also met James Hill, Holacabron (he's got a real name, too), Gautam (G-Dogg), Lloyd (Loddy3dots), Sarah (butterflyburn) and didn't-quite-meet Kiwi but knew who he was.  Plus others.  It was all a bit of a blur.

We left Colmore's about 8.00ish and went to the Rainbow in Digbeth, (walking with Sarah, Kiwi, Tangster and someone else... I think it was Tim) where I also met Laura/ginger_girl (rubytitania) and spotted Steve King (kkingiking) from afar even though we weren't introduced.  And also Denv (DJP) and later Geoff (Green_Tao) and LFNY (argh, forgot his real name, too... he did tell me.)

It was all very amicable and great fun.  And random.  Exceedingly random.  Can't wait to see the photos. :D

I love meeting new people, especially people you've already 'met' anonymously through message boards, etc.  It's oddly nerve-wracking, but also not...  And it was weird, starting out the night shaking people's hands and ending it hugging them, though that was Sarah's fault... ;)  You hug one and everyone wants a go, though it was worth it to see Yoshi fall backwards off the picnic table bench. :P

I left about half-nine-ish and walked about four miles (seemed like it) back to the markets to get the bus, and now I'm writing this up.

So, yeah.  Woo.

Thanks for a great night, guys!  See you all next month, definitely!