March 7th, 2005

Random - Oblivion wheels

Cirque du Soleil

Saw Saltimbanco yesterday with mum, David and frightened.  I would go into a long and rapturous account of it, but some people haven't seen it yet that'll possibly read this, so instead, some points:

~ I want the soundtrack. Now.
~ I want to be the singing lady.  Now.
~ The man they nabbed from the audience deserves a big shiny medal for being fantastic.
~ Trapeze artists scare the shit out of me.  In the "Dude, that woman is three thousand feet up and horizontal with the frelling ceiling!!" way.
~ Bungee-jumping people!!  I did trampolining once! I could do that!  *ahem*  Well, maybe if I was a size 8 and less prone to breakages...
~ Eight-ball juggling!!  Now thats impressive.  frightened wants to be the tap-dancing juggler, unsurprisingly.
~ Man with diablo!  Duuuude!
~ Tightrope walkers also scare me, but not to the same degree, because they're not frelling horizontal.
~ Prettypretty costumes!

I think that's about it.  The merchandise was all horrendously expensive - programmes were £9!! - and they had the most gorgeous masks for sale, most them anywhere between £60 and £250...  All in all a thoroughly enjoyable evening filled with random hushed expressions of joy/shock/incoherence and lots of applause.  Wonderful.  Expensive, but definitely worth the ticket price. :D
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