March 8th, 2005

Spuffy - with or without

Nothing in particular.

Dear Uniross Ni-MH AAA rechargable batteries,

you suck.  Your larger AA brothers suck considerably less and can power my camera - which undoubtedly uses more power per second than my MP3-player - for at least three hours of constant use.  You, however, cannot even power my MP3-player for 10 hours of playback, whereas the cheap-arse Superdrug AAA batteries give me at least 30 hours.

Kindly stop sucking.  I bought you so I would have to buy less of the aforesaid Superdrug AAAs, and you are not being very useful.



Yeah, annoying.  As was much of today until I got given stuff to type.  Still have two sets of minutes to do tomorrow, a couple of distributions, and a drenload of photocopying.  Woot.

Zoe's leaving on Friday.  :(  I mean, she was supposed to leave, like, in January, but anyway.  She's definitely leaving on Friday, and I is sad.  She sits opposite me and actually knows what she's doing, unlike the rest of us.  Cynthia was meant to have gotten her a leaving present, come to think of it... we put the money in for it and then forgot because Liz H's birthday came up.

Last Dead Famous tonight; can't remember who it's about.  And then, woo, more stuff.  Most Haunted Live # 14 (I think) 12-14th March (another late Monday, then) complete with Access All Areas on Living 2 (they really, really know how to milk this popularity lark...) and then Dead Like Me series 2 and Most Haunted series 6 both starting on 22nd.  At the same time, obviously.  I would like to thank the Academy Living for creating the very helpful Living +1.

Wow, television...

I'm exhausted and my brain doesn't work.  Early night tonight, I think.
Photo - leaves

Not perfect, however...

I'm sure thefleshfailure will be delighted to know that I've swapped back to my old Moulin Rouge!/Satine-based layout for a while.  I'd forgotten how annoyingly small the entry-area was, though.

Anyway.  Uhm.  Now I just have to figure out why my userpics appear to have been hacked, or if it's just LJ being all screwy...

The reason for this change is because a) with the onset of the new series of Most Haunted, the Derek/Yvvy MHOTP! layout is going to be detrimental to my sanity and b) this is a temporary measure until I can make either a Priscilla Anthony/Adam-based layout or something else if not.  So make the most of it, Eni, because it won't be here for long. :)

And now I'm going to bed. I keep continually forgetting that a layout change is never just a layout change when you're messing with styles...  Bah.