March 11th, 2005

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No. It's all right. I didn't want to watch the rest of Comic Relief. You just go to bed and turn it off.

*sigh* This is why we don't leave David with the remote. Yes, I could just go downstairs to turn it back on, but that would involve effort.

And anyway, I can't really complain, because I'll be hogging the remote for a total of 12 hours for Most Haunted Live and Access All Areas over the weekend...

I think I saw a grand total of 20 minutes of CR05, though. Saw the final few rounds of the North/South Challenge thing and that was about it. I haven't seen an entire Comic Relief since 2001, when I was at Angela's halls of residence after we'd watched random POTO movie versions in a bid to cheer ourselves up after a disastrous concert, and then realised it had started. I didn't get home til about 3am. It was great. :)

I think I was working for the 2003 one. :(


I'll just shut up.