March 19th, 2005

Photo - leaves

More ghostly happenings.

I'm tellin' yer, there's something in this house!

Latest news: mum just received a text from David and realised the battery life on her phone was right down to the final 'bar' on the indicator, so she plugged it in to recharge it.  Instantaneously, it was bleeping to say it was up to full power...

This is getting weird.

bizarre_imagery and roosevelt, there are movie-thingies coming for you momentarily...
Photo - leaves


Okay.  Floppy discs?  Need to be abolished.  Useless crappy pieces of hardware.

Was about to do some more work on chapter 8 of Come Forward, right?  So I managed to open the chapter file from the floppy I've been using to save it back to at work, and then attempt to explore the other files to find the snippet for the end of the chapter that I wrote ages ago, as I can't remember which chapter I stuck it on the end of.  Since my computer's been on since 11.00 this morning and I've been messing about in ImageReady for about four hours, it decides that my attempts to open more than one Word file will be thwarted and the entire programme freezes.  Somehow, in the process, it completely fucks up my disc to the extent that the drive won't even recognise it, and keeps asking me if I want to format the disc.

No, I do not want to format the disc!  I have a whole bloody chapter of writing on there, as well as miscellaneous other bits... though most of those are redundent anyway and the majority are MHgeek posts that are on the community anyway.

It wouldn't let me do a Save As... either because that's when it froze on me, and I can't copy the files over to the zip because it's not acknowledging that the floppy exists.

This sucks.  Hopefully it'll still allow me to do something with it when I'm back at work (we have Word 2000 there and I have Office 2003, which might be accounting for some things) so I can back it up, but really, I don't want to lose a good 1000 words of writing that took me far too long to complete, especially when I was getting right to the point when I could do something with it. (I know I have most of it saved to my hard drive at work, too, though frelled if I can remember if I saved the last edit... blah.)

I thought this evil piece of machinery was being ridiculously nice to me today.  It was lulling me into a false sense of security, the bastard.

But really, floppy discs are the most pointless, annoyingly crappy pieces of hardware to date, and should probably have been discontinued by now, especially given how large files are these days.  This is stupid.