March 24th, 2005

WIW - Marian


Well, that's me done for a week.  Friday to Tuesday the Council's closed, and I've booked the rest of that week off, giving me a grand total of 10 days off, which I'm muchly looking forward to.  Yayyy sleep.

So, I shall endeavour to achieve the following during my time off, rather than completely slobbing around online.

~ finish chapter 8 of Come Forward.  Seriously.  It's annoying me.
~ work on some fics, mostly Broken Record and Sweet Intoxication
~ meet up with cloudjuice
~ possibly attend Capones gig-thing at Colmore's in lieu of MGM next week.
~ watch some DVDs, including Collapse )...and probably a few more
~  read some books and cut my list down a bit
~ indulge in some general Most Haunted geekery with their interactive weekend (quite intrigued by that...) as well as capping the next set of live DVDs and making a start on series one for the MHOTP! challenge.
~ make some icons and layouts and stuff and be generally creative
~ send those bloody flowers to bloody Yvette!  I decided to wait until I was at home and in a position to do so, and honestly, who's going to be at a production studio this weekend anyway?  I've had a letter emailed from the bloke at work (it never got to me through internal post, stupid Council) and mine's in need of re-drafting, so I just need to do that and prod bizarre_imagery nicely for hers and I'll be all set.
~ copy CDs: The Woman in White soundtrack for collie_wing (comments are screened - gimme yer address!) and Cher's Greatest Hits for me.  We have practically two copies of everything in this house.  My mother and I like the same music, luckily...
~ hopefully sort out furniture to solve storage issues...
~ change my bed
~ eat lots of chocolate
~ then attempt to lose weight
~ hopefully meet people
~ doubtless have multiple comment-tennises with Eni... and reply to the Swircle.

And I think that's more than enough to be getting on with.
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