March 26th, 2005

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According to livejournal,

Happy Birthday, shoeboxgirly!

I have achieved nothing today.  Well, I finished typing the letter to Katie and found the bit of Come Forward I thought I'd lost, even though it needs rewriting something chronic.  Other than that... nothing.

F.A.O any Most Haunted geeks on my friends-list: that Scare the Nation thing is on tonight. I'm quite intrigued as to what the heck it is, but I really don't think I can be bothered to argue about watching it, so could someone watch it and inform me as to what it was?  If it's just another vote-in thing as I suspect it might be then at least I won't have missed much.

I expect a full update of any random cuteness on _mhotp_, though, y'hear?
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Your Opinions Matter!

As I mentioned a while back, the "Component" LJ-layout was only a temporary measure. My next layout was meant to be an Anthony/Adam-based Priscilla layout, but since the new DVD isn't out until June and they've discontinued the original release, I can't do that yet. So, fill out the pretty poll, because I'm indecisive. :P

Which of the following should be my next layout?

Create a new Nightmare Before Christmas layout.
Create a new Labyrinth layout.
Reinstate Cabaret layout.
Reinstate Edward Scissorhands layout.
Reinstate Sunset Boulevard layout.
Reinstate Most Haunted Derek/Yvette layout.
Create a new Most Haunted layout.
Reinstate Phantom of the Opera layout.
Create a new Rocky Horror layout.
Create a better Spuffy-orientated layout.
Create a new Moulin Rouge layout.
Something else (state below)

Something else? You want something else? What, then?

If you selected one of the new ones, give me ideas:

(I haven't put the Satine-based Moulin Rouge layout on there because it refused to work when I tried it last time. I don't know if that was an LJ-being-on-the-fritz thing, or just because I messed it up, but I don't feel like fighting with it again...)

Bah. The poll was meant to be called "BeX's Next Layout" but I forgot about the apostrophes in the HTML...