April 1st, 2005

Photo - leaves

Bah. Stupid council.

This afternoon, I met up with translucent in order that we could jointly investigate the old Lambert Court Hotel on Hagley Road, which has been closed and falling into a state of delapidation for about seven years.  The place has been pretty much without human life - except for the council boarding it up and building fences around it - since it and its neighbours were closed to accommodate previous plans to widen the road, which were then abandoned.  So we decided to get our cameras and have a good look, since I've been admiring the place from the top deck of the bus for absolutely ages, and we thought a nice, quiet Friday afternoon would be the perfect time.

Ha.  That plan backfired.  There've been workmen at one of the other buildings for a while, but we got to the Lambert Court Hotel to discover the gates wide open and large tyre tracks in the mud.  We snuck through the gap in the fence anyway (instead of being blatantly obvious about it) and wandered around outside the building for a bit admiring the disrepair and trying to figure out if there was a way in - which there most definitely is not, unless some chavs decide to kick the boarded-up door down again - until a couple of builders appeared and politely told us to bugger off.

I just don't understand why they don't repair it and open it up again. It's a beautiful building (I googled it to see if there were any old photos of it, but there aren't) and if they're no longer widening the road, then it's a shame to let it fall into disrepair.  They used to hold wedding receptions in there.  Aside from the fact that it's probably bringing the area right down.  I think it comes under Harborne but it's right near to the 'posh end' of Bearwood and there are some really big houses along that stretch of road, one of them slap bang in the middle of all the boarded-up carnage, which I imagine they're really pleased about.  And given that it's one of the main roads into the city, you'd think they'd be a bit more concerned about the appearance of it - especially since they took great pains to install pretty new lamp posts all along Soho Road, despite the rest of the area still being a mess.

So, one thwarted plan for photos later and we wandered back up through the park and walked home - about 2 miles in my case, all told - and all I have to show for myself are some photos of a wall and a water fountain.

Bah.  Stupid council.
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