April 2nd, 2005

MH - Phil - bee fear



~ falling in love with Marks & Spencer's Per Una range and Collapse )
~ not falling in love with the people who generally shop in M&S because they tend to be women with more money than sense who think they own the entire shop...
~ enjoying the weather.  Spring has officially sprung, at least for today.  I can guarantee it'll be frelling freezing again the moment I have to wait for the bus to work on Monday.
~ text-tennising with izzles in preparation for meeting her (!) tomorrow afternoon (!!) after her tattoo convention (?!) somewhere near Birmingham Academy.
~ putting the finishing touches to her flat-warming present.
~ making silly new icons. :D *indicates silly new icon*
~ eating fajitas and drinking magharitas...

Still to do:

~ send those flowers.  I shall do that tomorrow and they will hopefully arrive Saturday so I will have a further week to organise myself.  Something of a delayed reaction, but it's the thought that counts. I've been putting it off out of sheer terror...
~ Come Forward and writing in general.
~ kick Eni's arse at Yahoo!Pictionary. :P
~ change my MP3-er's playlist before Monday
~ some other stuff...