April 3rd, 2005

Random - Oblivion wheels


Why is nothing I try to achieve ever simple??

I finally remembered to order those bloody flowers, right?  And it was all going fine except that by doing a postcode search the Next address book decided that Antix Productions was, in fact, an Accountancy service.  So I went through the entire process in the hope that maybe I could fine-tune the address at the end... registering all my details along the way.

And got all the way to the end to discover this was not so and I was apparently still sending flowers to the Accountancy firm.

So I started again, this time trying the 'no postcode?' option, which led me to free typing the address, which was fine... except it then refused to let me re-regsiter my card details (and I couldn't log in because they don't email your account details until you finish the transaction), which I presumed was because I'd already tried to register them once.

So I begged and pleaded my mother to borrow one of her cards and then pay her back so I could register a different card... which also didn't work.

I suspect now that the reason is because it's after 10.00pm.  Which sucks.  What about people who work late and can't order things until the evening, huh?  The entire world does not work around a nine-to-five schedule!  The people most likely to order anything online are nocturnal geeks with no social life who don't wake up until midday!  Please learn this!

So now, aside from having to explain I don't need the card after making a fuss about it, as well as looking like an idiot, I'll have to do it tomorrow, and instead of the flowers arriving on Thursday they'll probably arrive on Saturday or next Monday.

Frell 'em.  If I didn't like the bouquet as much as I did (and if it wasn't cheap) I'd give up.

Edit: I will post about the afternoon spent with izzles and her SO tomorrow, as there was much randomness and I'm still recovering from the disturbing mental images to do with Julian Clegg's ears...