April 5th, 2005

Photo - leaves


Mum and David are ripping the kitchen to pieces... so I'm hiding up here and getting ready to tape Most Haunted... or something that once was Most Haunted and is becoming... I don't know.  Different.  Anyway.

It turns out our main cupboard was built into the floor.  Not onto it, into it.  There's a big gaping cupboard-shaped hole in the ground.

As for yesterday - I can't be bothered to explain the disgruntledness, but suffice it to say it was to do with the fangirling and general aggravation.

There'll be photos coming at some point of the chaos my life random descended into yesterday and the... slightly less chaos it is now.

I got a 19p/hour pay rise to keep up with the general council pay rise.  I'm now on £6.49/hour.  Woo!

I'm sure I was going to say something else...  I'll update properly tomorrow, I promise...

Oh, thanks once more to Eni for letting me complain at her in the midst of the chaos last night and keeping me vaguely entertained at the same time.  'Twas very much appreciated, and she is wondrous. :)  (I shall similarly reply to both comment threads tomorrow...)

Anyway.  Yes.  *falls asleep*
JC - cockroach OTP - J/M

The other thing.

And watching MH has reminded me of the other thing I forgot to mention: more bizarre happenings in the house.

I was upstairs finishing tidying and headed downstairs to get a drink.  Halfway down, I was absolutely convinced mum was back, and then the phone rang. Instinctively, because it's loud, I gasped in surprise.  I was halfway down the stairs at this point and on the way to the kitchen.  A split second before I gasped, I heard what I assumed was mum going "Ooh!" in surprise as the phone rang, maybe because she'd just walked through the door... only to get down there and find not only the hallway empty, but her on the phone calling me to ask if we needed any bread...

I swear, this is just getting weirder...
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