April 16th, 2005

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A Friday of All Randomness.

Certainly not randomness on a par with teH uber-weekend of Random, but certainly close enough...

The day started ordinarily enough.  Having had a shower for the first time in nearly a year (shooooower!) I was feeling a lot less arghish, and had consciously decided that the team manager wasn't going to annoy me, and nor was the stationery... so when said team manager continued to bring up problems, I just smiled sweetly and let him grumble and said I'd help and then conveniently ignored it, as it turned out Natasha was chairing it anyway (not Shafiq), so she wouldn't care either way.

So, then, of course, when Shafiq came upstairs to show us a report from a social worker that actually used the phrase "spaced out on waccy baccy", it kept all four of us in the office amused until at least lunchtime... and, apparently, most of Inline, though it then devolved into a random conversation complaining about the fact that managers have no basic grasp of the English language.

Left at 2.45 and headed down to get my hair cut and straightened properly (layers re-defined, front shortened so I no longer resemble Snape...) then back home to change pre-MGM.  You know about ye faga of ye fangirling, which I'm still grinning over.  Definitely proof undeniable that fangirling works. :D  Will organise that properly on Monday once I've emailed Steve King to see if he can come.  If not, I'll phone up and say a definite yes for the tickets, but due to lack of contactable people, would it be okay to take someone else?  And if so, I'll be inviting people nearer the time, so keep an eye open.  I have to go now; I've got three Inline people keeping an eye open for me, and, well, with a personal invite from Yvette Fielding, I can hardly refuse.  (The full letter is posted over on mosthauntedgeek, incidentally.

Anyway, off to the Flapper after that for the MGM, which was... incredibly sporadic.  I was going to eat there but forgot they stopped serving food at ridiculous times and ended up only eating a bag of crisps all night, which could account for light-weight drunkenness.  Chatted amiably with people from last time and some new people I'd not met before (evildead, very briefly, Dave/LFNY's housemate when he was very drunk, and Jonathan/unpronouncable-name-guy who I gave a CD to...) and a good time was had by all.

I somehow ended up in two separate doubles games of pool; first me and Steve J (who at first refused to play with me when I told him about the MHLive thing...) against Paul (yoshi) and Jeanette/Scooter, and then me and Paul vs Steve J and Mikey (metalmikey666), though I forget now who won.  This was highly entertaining and involved one incident of poking a random person at the bar in the back with a pool cue, one incident of bouncing a red ball off the table entirely, and Mikey coming up to me and saying "Now, pool is one of those things you can blag.  I've never played pool before in my life...", as well as Paul trying on mine and Kiwi's glasses and forcing me to hug him whenever we walked past each other...

Ended up also having a conversation with Laura (rubytitania) about Buffy, amongst other things, and with Gautam/G-Dogg about Most Haunted... quite amusing.

After that we all went to Scruffy Murphy's to watch the Capones and debated whether or not to go to Snobs, and I left just in time to get my last midnight bus.  All in all, quite a strange evening, leading at some point during the proceedings to my agreeing to go on a date tonight... so, er, more on that later.  Still quite shell-shocked by both that and the tickets-offer. :D

So, yes.  Which reminds me, I must text my father and say I'm not going tomorrow, as I don't know how drunk I might get and I'm thinking hangover+family=badness.