April 17th, 2005

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Since herringprincess complained loudly and frequently when I point-blank refused to divulge anything last time...

Went out last night with Paul/Yoshi/yoshi last night (and this is when having two different online usernames gets ridiculous...), him having asked me semi-drunkenly at the MGM on Friday after, apparently, much encouragement and bad advice he doesn't remember...

We went to Bacchus for food and drinks and rambled aimlessly for about three hours... the entire thing was incredibly bizarre, as I mentioned about five times thoughout the course of the evening.  Mainly because we'd only met twice before then and it was all just very odd, and because, well, I'm me, and I'm insane, and these things confuse me greatly... but anyway, it was very enjoyable and has provided me with an excuse not to put up with my father this weekend (or next, as we're taking my nan out for lunch!) with a hangover excuse, even though I was on coke all night.

So, yes.  Updates as and when.  Naturally, there's another version of events over on his journal, for the deathly curious. :)

Ohhh, the forum's going to be hilarious on Monday, I can tell. :D
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Um. Geek, anyone?

Since my DVDs are about to be rehoused (again - getting yet another holder to attach to the first one and thereby making one free-standing unit) I did a list, as requested, so that my mother knows what DVDs I have in case she and David get bored of hers...

In creating said list, I realised exactly how odd and varied my collection of DVDs really is...

Collapse )

I'm slowly building my Tim Burton collection,as I have most of the others on video already... we're also slowly building a Johnny Depp/Nicole Kidman collection when they're cheap enough to stock up, though the Depp one is bigger at the moment. :)  But... yeah, really bizarre collection.  Add that to the random Disney, mad uber-special effects-y things (like The Mummy 1 & 2) and Vincent Price/horror collections downstairs, we've got a veritable library of oddness. :D
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Random other life-esque news.

1. David is apparently now actually moving in, eventually.  Should be entertaining... :)
2. I'm currently in a pleasant state of fuzz and not freaking out, which is somewhat a relief compared to my usual state of mind after first dates... Could it be I've finally got better at this 'human emotions' thing?  Hm.
3. When thefleshfailure and Vicky are down here for June (w/c 10th/11th), mum and David are considering going off to a caravan for a week and thereby giving us free run of the house.  *smiles evilly*  House party, anyone? ;)  It'll either be mid-week before Vicky leaves on Wednesday, or if that's not possible the Friday before Eni leaves (17th).  Like most of my latest parties it'll basically involve bringing lots of booze, watching Pirates of the Caribbean and/or random slashy things and composing silly drinking games.  I shall have to think about this.
4. Getting quite excited about the prospect of Most Haunted Live.  Plan for tomorrow is first to email Steve King and tell him the news and then phone Yvette's PA (!!!! - still in shock about that) and sort out the tickets.  So, I'll most likely be there on the first night (7th May), holding a big sign saying "HELLO LIVEJOURNAL GEEKS AND RANDOM INLINE PEOPLE!" and grinning inanely - keep an eye out for me.

I think that's everything I was going to say...