April 23rd, 2005

Photo - leaves


I need to phone back the MHLive ticket people... I'm paranoid they spelt my email address wrong.  It's really not easy to spell 'teylaminh' to complete strangers, since it doesn't form any recognisable words.  So, will do that later.

I am currently text-tennising with izzles about MHLive.  At this rate I'm going to end up with a list of people to get signatures from/steal/abuse/kidnap/generally annoy.  I have to say, though, I'm paranoid that I'll end up squeeing loudly about every single MHOTP! moment, or laughing at things, and they'll evict me from the premises, VIP or not... ;)  (But still.  Guest list, dude.)

The cough I've been trying to fight off all week appears to have actually manifested into something and now I can't talk properly.  Joy.

I woke up randomly inspired with little snippets of scenes for Orphan Eyes, though I'm not sure if they're for the prose or screenplay version. One was definitely movie-like; the other was a better description of one of the settings.  Collapse ) I'm really considering changing the title, though.  Orphan Eyes fit at the time when the plot was in basic fruition, but there's so many other threads running through it now.  Er... suggestions?  Anyone?

Now I have to go find an LJ help community who can tell me if it's possible to use I-frames in a layout.  I think it's possible with the S1 style system, but I'll have to check...
WIW - Marian

Oh, and randomly...

I was going to mention this last night and forgot.

Apparently, Michael Crawford may not be returning to the cast of The Woman in White.  Michael Ball was covering for him for a six-week stint, which has had to be extended until May (when his tour starts), as Michael C was suffering from a flu-like virus stopping him from performing.  It's apparently not getting much better and with mutual agreement from his doctor, he's not going to be returning for a while, if at all.

Sad news. :(

But also, it makes me so grateful I got to see it when I did.  In another ten years, twenty years, thirty years... when I'm still listening to the soundtrack and The Woman in White is as popular as The Phantom of the Opera or Cats... I can say I was there, that I saw the original cast in the original theatre within the opening two months.  I can't say that about any of my other musicals-obsessions (except possibly Cats, but I was only an embryo then :D) and I hadn't realised just how amazing it would be until now.

Which reminds me: collie_wing, I'll do your CD soon, honestly...

Right.  Now I should get ready, and fix my frelling hair.  *glares at frizz*