April 28th, 2005

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Amalgamous cryptic.


So, yesterday was the 27th of the month.  I learnt a few weeks ago the relevance of that date.  David and mum met on 27th August, and 27th March (I think) is the date of my grandmother's wedding anniversary.  As it turns out, 27th April was pretty significant for me, too...


F.A.O. ennixeve:

It is my great regret to inform you that I must withdraw my membership from the Club.  Please accept my humblest apologies.  Do I get to keep the club badge?


Met Paul's mum yesterday, and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  I was going to offer up a review, but I think I need to watch it again.  Suffice it to say, it was very confusing and very clever... and quite nice to see Kate Winslet not getting typecast...  Highly recommended, though...


Today I had to deal with another insane woman screaming down the telephone at me.  She was phoning me (specifically) because she was refusing to attend the pre-birth conference and wanted us to know she was very angry about everything and we were causing her lots of stress.  Eventually, after she'd rambled and ranted at me for 10 minutes or so and given me her life story, I told her to take it up with the social worker (which cued another rant about the fact that she didn't like her social worker), and that the pre-birth conference was procedure, and that I had merely been given a list of who to send the invites to.  I put her back through to switchboard so she could leave a message for the social worker.  Bah.

All through this I had Cynthia looking worried because it was going on for so long, and Amanda panicking because she thought it was a midwife she'd had to invite who didn't know the case... as it turned out, it wasn't me who'd sent the letters at all, but Amanda... using my template.  Our name goes out on the letters above the return address depending on who sends them out, and she hadn't changed it from mine.  Thanks a lot. :P
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Because it's quicker than commenting.

F.A.O lone_gunwoman and izzles/setting_sun.

Most Haunted Live arrangements.

1) E-ticket has still not bloody well arrived, so I'm going to phone up again tomorrow to be paranoid at them again.

2) Because my mother is being paranoid at me, the arrangements re: accommodation and travel at the end of the night have changed.  Me and lone_gunwoman will make our way to Ellstree on the day from Birmingham (that much is sorted and easy), but to save on having to get to the other side of London or having to find a hotel at this late stage, the plan is now thus: David will pick us up at whatever godforsaken hour in the morning it all finishes and drive us both back to Birmingham, where lone_gunwoman is more than welcome to crash until Sunday and make her way back home from there.

So, there you go.

Graaaah.  I swear, there's a god, somewhere, that's determined to make anything I try to organise doomed to fail.  Every.Time.