April 30th, 2005

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Best Thing I've Seen All Day.

At least for a while...

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It's. Finally. Arrived.  Apparently must've just gotten caught in traffic as it's between two read emails from Friday...

Considering we've been moving furniture/books/miscellaneous junk all day, it would've taken a frelling miracle to get me out of this chair again... but that just managed it.  I've never moved so fast in my life.

Photo - leaves

Dating a Pool Demon...

No, really. :)

Yesterday: after much bus aggravation and stress because the e-ticket hadn't arrived despite them telling me it was going to be there (I blame Yahoo for that...) it was something of a relief to finally get into town.  In feeling benevolent, I ended up giving two entirely separate homeless people some change (the second one was Canadian...), which was my good deed for the day and mellowed me somewhat.

I'd left work at 3.30 and got home at 5.00.  I was constructing an angry-worded letter to TWM in my head that went something along the lines of "I should not have to rely on your buses being late and plan any journey with an extra hour to spare..." and had very little time to run around getting ready, and was bloody starving by the time I finally met Paul at 7.00.

So.  We went to the Brasshouse for a meal and decided to brave Broad Street to find somewhere that looked like it wasn't too busy, and as a result discovered the pool hall under the Sports Cafe.  Stayed there about an hour and discovered that I didn't suck quite so horribly at pool as I thought, though the table definitely hated us.

Then we ended up at Riley's in Moseley to play another hour or so of pool with his mate, Alex, wherein I got only marginally better, but still managed to lose every single game.  Painfully.

In the midst of this I decided on something resembling a plan for when Eni's here in June.  Originally I was going to drag her to 'gales or Missing, but then realised it would be infinitely more entertaining if we both attempted to beat Paul at pool (most likely not going to happen) and then headed over to Flares so Eni can show off her m4d d4nc1ng 5k1llz, which will also make it far easier to get home at whatever time we leave.  So, yes.  Quite looking forward to that.  (I'm wondering when she's going to get bored of interrogating me, though. :D)

All in all, very enjoyable indeed. 

I'll start posting about other things soon, honest.  As of next week I'll have Most Haunted Live-type squeeing to post. :D