May 12th, 2005

Buffy - sanity

Quick update...

Real update coming later.  This week has been almost as crazy as last week.

Sunday - randomly met up with Paul and we wandered aimlessly (Malthouse, Square Peg, Bacchus, Pizza Hut [they hate us now... we turned up half an hour before closing time] and finally the Newt) and chatted about stuff.  Quite pleasant.

Monday - went to see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and thoroughly enjoyed it... will post something resembling a review/thoughts later on.  Followed that with going to the Figure of Eight for some food and had A Conversation (of sorts) - incidentally, I need to chat that out with either Eni or Eve or both of them at some point.  Also received the (112!!) photos from the MGM via email, which I still need to download to this computer.

Tuesday - finally caught up on my Most Haunted viewing, though I still have the live to watch.  That's about it, actually.

Wednesday - dragged Paul Bearwood-wards for a curry.  A happy-happy-joy-joy thread on Inline was systematically destroyed by mis-placed comments.  The usual.

Today - we have been informed that due to the impending inspection, we must now answer the phones thus: "Good morning/afternoon, Birmingham Social Care and Health, Child Protection and Review, [name] speaking, how can I help you?"  We're all refusing, mainly because the only calls we get are internal from other offices who know they're calling SC&H and whichever admin person, or they come through switchboard if they're external.  It's "a direction from the Directorate", apparently, and they've also 'directed' that the LAC clerks stop using their baseline stats to help themselves... basically, worrying about stupid petty things when there are bigger things to worry about like crappy team managers.

So, yeah.  Other than that, uneventful.

This evening I have achieved: wrapping presents for various people.  Just about to put together lyrics for Eni so I can send her CD and Random Thing, and then tomorrow I shall go to the post office and finally send all of the following: Eve's birthday present, collie_wing's CD, and Katie's calendar/CD/letter.  Five months late.  Whoops.

Right.  Lyrics, etc.