May 15th, 2005

Cabaret - Mein Herr

And finally, two hours later...

I keep thinking I should make some friends-list cuts, because if I'm off LiveJournal for a couple of days there's, like, three pages' worth of entries to scroll through.  But then again, I enjoy reading all of your entries, so I won't.

This has been a weekend of little sleep, for which I blame translucent entirely.  On Friday we all went to last_dance's house for her birthday shindig to watch my copy of Jerry Springer: The Opera, and we would have been at her house earlier had translucent turned up at the pub earlier.  So there. :P  As it transpired, it was a lot longer than I remembered and I didn't get home til about 12.00, when I had to print off a map of Bristol to find herringprincess's house for her party.

Oh, yes, before meeing Naomi, Sarra and Lorna at the Briar, I headed to the post office.  So Katie's calendar is on its way, as is ennixeve's birthday present and collie_wing's copy of The Woman in White. (Here's hoping the Michaelness will make you feel a bit better.)  I also had to undertake an emergency trip to Argos upon discovering I'd lost the securing ball from my belly bar (it'd actually been missing all day but I was paranoid about losing it when I realised), so now have a pretty cherry-shaped one.

So,anyway,  yesterday me and Paul headed Bristol-wards for said party, met lots of Alison's friends and ate lots of vegetarian food and cake.  Amusing moment when we realised the train from Bristol Temple Meads to Clifton Down cost a grand total of 60p, and also when we couldn't find Alison's house and had to phone her up with the words "Where the Hell is your house?!"  It was quite enjoyable.  We listened to silly music, explained the intricacies of slash, and played Articulate (the 'Random' category is frelling evil).  We got the 8.30 train back to Birmingham with her friend, Lydia, and then, despite being utterly frelling exhausted, wandered into the Newt for a couple of drinks.  I got back just before midnight.

I think I need a to-do list...

1) Finish typing up the lyrics and letter for Eni's CD.
2) Put said CD in the post.
3) Watch Most Haunted Live...
4) Make CD for Paul.
5) Make CD for Alison.
6) Buy belated birthday present and card for Alison and send to her.
7) Make biscuits to take in for our unit meeting tomorrow.  (That should probably be a priority...) - Have decided to take in the brownies in the cupboard... The kitchen's in too much of a shambles to make the biscuits and I don't know if we have enough butter/sugar anyway.

My time is being eaten alive by seeing Paul.  At least I'm not at my father's today...

Oh, I went back to my Cabaret layout again thanks to listening to it at Alison's house...
Photo - leaves

Belatedly stolen from Naomi.

Ask for a photo of something in my house, or anywhere else I'm likely to be. You know you want to.

Although bear in mind that the house is currently very messy due to moving people in and therefore adding/replacing/mixing furniture... but g'wan, ask away.