May 18th, 2005

Photo - leaves

"This boy's dying of LURGY, Jim!"

So, quite an enjoyable evening yesterday. Paul phoned on Monday night whilst drunk and hyperactive to ramble down the phone at me for an hour and a half. I think Eve thought I'd abandoned her, though, as I ran away from our AIM conversation to answer it. Must plan a trip to her city-that-I'm-not-allowed-to-mention so they can meet at some point... Anyway, the outcome of this conversation was the making of a deal, wherein Paul could give me (back) his bloody lurgy in exchange for one of two equally horrendous options: a) not smoking all night; b) arriving at work for 9.00am.

The eventual deal was settled at not smoking and coming into work at 9.30. More on that later...

So, we went to see The Jacket, starring Adrien Brodie and Keira Knightly. It looked interesting from the trailers, but wasn't what I was expecting at all... Collapse )

That's all I can really say without spoiling it completely. Post-movie discussion via email this morning with Paul tried to ascertain whether or not it created a paradox (I think we decided it didn't), so it's not exactly the most linear narrative in the world. It is, however, gloriously and wonderfully post-modern, very pretty, and well worth a viewing.

We also saw the trailer for Sin City and woooow. It looks frelling amazing, all done in black and white but with little touches of colour for people's eyes and neon and stuff. So I've decided that if I ever finish Orphan Eyes and it's ever made into a movie, it so has to be done like that.

Collapse )

So, anyway, after the film we wandered to the Flapper for drinks and pool and I stole Paul's cigarettes so he couldn't cheat. In the end I let him have two of them back before he went on a murderous rampage, and the deal from now on is that he's only allowed one every two hours when we're out. For numerous reasons; the main one being they taste foul... *ahem* Cue amusing conversation in the pub that basically ended in his realising that I am cruel, heartless, evil, and mean.

Took him long enough. ;)

Today has been mostly uneventful, but was one of those days... you know those days?  Those days when you spend about five frelling hours on average just waiting for buses?  Yeah, one of those days.  Not helped by feeling all blah with a sore throat (and suddenly, random pains in my stomach.  How bizarre.) and aching all over.  Definitely coming down with something.  There was a very odd moment at the third bus stop of the morning whilst waiting for the 101, though.  Young Mother with Small Child asked me to escort said Small Child onto the bus for her while she struggled to collapse her pushchair.  So there's me, bag in one hand and Small Child in the other, trying to get onto a bus with - of course, because it was late - no seats whatsoever.

Oh, yes, and Liz broke the shredder.

That's actually about it.  Definitely a day of doing nothing whatsoever tonight.