May 19th, 2005

Photo - leaves

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I didn't go into to work today, mainly because I woke up and prompty keeled over, so thought crossing roads, etc. wouldn't be a particularly good idea.  I woke up off and on (and had a quite bizarre dream where I was attempting to phone work to tell them I wasn't coming in, from a phonebox, where I couldn't dial the number properly), phoned in sick at 10.00, and finally got up about 11.30.  I'm still a bit wobbly now, as it happens.  Spent the day finishing HP:PoA, watching Tuesday night's Most Haunted and watching some episodes of The Pink Panther (and remembered one of them from when I was very small...)

My back aches. :(

I shall be back into work tomorrow so I can update the whiteboard with the new board markers. :D