May 21st, 2005

Photo - leaves

Quick update.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to krispen!  Hope you had a good 'un!

(Re: icon.  I have no clue where this birthday-pirate tradition came from, but I like it, so I'll stick with it...  Arr!)

Just a few things before I collapse...

Went to a birthday party of Paul's friend's fiance last night, which was quite pleasant.  Got to meet new people, etc., etc.  Downside of this is he's given me his bloody lurgy again, and, no, I'm not going to apologise for the cigarette rationing, because, yes, it is funny watching him suffer.  Especially in light of the cold germs.  So there.

Ho-hum, going to my father's tomorrow.  Will be able to get out of it early though, as I'm going to a Capones gig in the evening and want to go home and change/take cold medication beforehand.

Just watched Gothicka, which was quite interesting.  Can't be bothered to review it...

We had crispy duck pancakes for tea.  Very very nice...

Oh, and I had an afternoon nap at about 3.00 today and didn't wake up til 5.30... and before nodding off, I was going to make a post advocating the return of afternoon naps and the fact that they should really let people nap at work to boost post-lunch productivity (there was a thread about this on Inline last week, as it happens), until I realised that it took me another hour and some caffeine to kickstart my brain into gear again.  So, yeah, afternoon naps really not that productive...  I was just in dire need of more sleep.

Reet.  Bedtime.