May 24th, 2005

Random - Garbo

Another long update.

When the Hell was my last actual update?  *checks*  Oh, yeah, Saturday.  Okay, proper sequence of events...

Friday night was spent, as mentioned, at a pub in Kings Heath for Paul's friend Tori's fiance's birthday get-together.  Met lots of random people whose names I've completely forgotten already, and spent most of the night sneezing.  Spent the night at Paul's because it was easier (and cheaper) than going all the way home again on the two worst bus services in the Midlands.  The cigarette rationing was in full force on Friday night, too.  One cigarette per hour isn't too unreasonable, is it?  Come on, non-smokers, back me up...

Weirdest day ever.  I was back home again by midday and had somehow convinced my body that I'd had more sleep than I actually did, so was wide awake until 3.00pm, when my brain systematically shut down and demanded I had a nap.  I woke up two and a half hours later with the most horrendous cold in the world, so took medication, ate dinner, watched film, and went back to bed.

The plus side of this?  I managed to fool my immune system into thinking I'd been awake a whole extra day, so the worst of the cold had cleared by morning.  I went to my father's and utterly failed to bring up the topic of not going there any more - although I do have a plan for this; I'll do it next week, hopefully - and managed to leave early to go home and get ready to go out again for the Capones gig in Digbeth.

The gig was really bloody good, actually; they do seem to get better the more I see them, though I'll also attribute that to the fact that we weren't being blasted out of the room by the speakers and I could hear what they were singing.  The other headlining band, the Big, were also brilliant.  They are so named because their front man is about 7 foot tall.  I kid ye not; we made Paul stand next to him and he was at least 2 foot taller than him...  I also met Paul's friend Jenny (who I'd briefly met before, as it happens, and who is now going to be randomly stalking me at Ladywood) and a few other Inline people.  Much fun.

Alas, all attempts to set up Scooter/Jeannette with Matt have failed.

Oh, and there was this amusing conversation at the bar, too.  Probably not verbatim...

Collapse )

And this was intercut with Scooter randomly running through the bar at full pelt with her head bowed, and shooting us a quick "Bye!" because she happened to wander through at an inopportune moment.  (To clarify: the gig was upstairs in the function room; we'd gone downstairs to the main, mostly abandoned bar.)  It was embarrassing, and quite amusing...

After the gig/s, as we were about to leave, it so happened that there was a lock-in in the pool room, so we ended up staying til about half past midnight.  We also managed to break a chair and deposit a full pint of lager on the floor, which'll teach me to wear stupid sleeves...  End point, I didn't get home til 1.00.

Oh, yeah, and there was some more amusement in the form of Random Happy Woman, who was completely off her face on something.  She was dancing all night, even when there was no music.  Terrifying.

I woke up in a flat panic at 8.00, and somehow got into work for 9.00 because I managed to get onto the buses with no problems whatsoever.  Possibly, the buses were being nice to me on Monday because they were planning something Big and Evil for another point in time...  I don't remember much of Mo- oh, yes, I do.  About 11.30 I decreed "I need a drink..." because the office was going insane and taking me with it, so I met up with Paul again in town for drinks and food.  This was also good, as it meant we formulated a plan for the rest of the week.

More office insanity.  Not the good kind, neither.  The Department is slowly collapsing from the inside, and I don't really want to be there when it happens.  If the rest of the week is anything like today, I'm going into my agency on Saturday and demanding they place me somewhere else on the same, if not more, money, and preferably still within the Council if only so I can continue to use the Forum...  At one point, we thought Liz H had done a runner because she was so pissed off, but it turned out the conference venue had just changed and nobody had informed us... or any of the attendees...

It also turns out I've had access to CareFirst for a while and nobody actually thought to tell me, as the bloke from Systems phoned up today to set it up for me and realised I already had a password.

Y'know what?  It would serve them right if I walked out of there tomorrow.  They interviewed me in September.  My CRB has cleared.  Am I permanent yet?  Am I frell.  The only thing keeping me there is the fact that I've set a nice little system going in our office; all the DoH minutes are going out within timescales, and dammit, I'm good at what I do.  I don't really want a new temp coming in to mess things up.  But seriously, days like today make me want to quit, say "Screw you!" and just walk out.  The good thing about still being agency is I do have the right to do that.

Except I hate change, and the prospect of going somewhere else is terrifying.  Mostly, I like the people I work with (though I swear every time I see Ian [idiot Team Manager of possibly the most catastrophic team in the building; apparently there's a black/white divide within the frelling team, for Chrissakes] I want to slap him.  That can't be good, right?  At least I don't work with him directly.  But if I get one more call I can't deal with from switchboard; if one more social worker fobs their problem off onto me; if I have to field calls all over the place one more time, or man the office on my own, or fix the frelling photocopier, or get RSI from stapling 100+ copies (don't ask), or train people in the difference between 'Save' and 'Save As'... I'm leaving.  I'm putting myself out above and beyond the call of duty, and the very least they could do is pay me more for it like they said they would back in bloody August...


I'll probably repeat this again in a month or so.

Anyway.  Ranting aside, tomorrow evening is looking to be enjoyable, as I'm going to Paul's again to watch Being John Malkovich.  I'm getting my hair bleached on Friday in preparation for dying it RED for the MGM on the 3rd, and I need to buy some cheap black jeans on Thursday to mutilate into greeboflares.  These are good things.  Yes.