May 26th, 2005

Photo - leaves

A list, in lieu of a real entry...

Happy Birthday to kht!  I don't really know you that well, but Semagic informs me it's your birthday, so I hope you had a good one. :)

To-do list for today/tomorrow/whenever:

~ order this piece of prettiness from Comet in preparation for upgrading the computer.  Hands off; it's mine. - as it turned out, the advert in the paper they sent was lying, and you could not, in fact, order online and pick it up instore. So we drove to Comet to go and get one...
~ track down scifinutter and get the bits with which to perform said upgrade before the computer dies a horrible, painful death.
~ have shower to rid hair of grease
~ rip Capones CD to hard drive in order to return CD to Paul on Saturday
~ compile tracklists for various CDs
~ watch Tuesday night's Most Haunted
~ reinstate Swircle of Doom.  *ahem*
~ ask Eni several questions therein, pertaining to her days here in June.
~ some other stuff.

Right.  First things first.  *goes to spend money*
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Photo - leaves


Now, this is the sort of thing the Internet should be used for more often...

(Courtesy of James Hill over on the home Inline forum...)
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