June 5th, 2005

Random - Garbo

Another entry of much updatingness.

I hate the fact that three day weeks take so long to finish...

So.  For all the pointlessness and futility of it, here's an update of the week gone by, possibly not in much detail.  I was meant to be seeing my father today, but he's "not well".  He also owes me £30.  Go figure.

I barely remember. Meh.

Paul came round for DVD-watching and a barbecue, which was a very civilsed affair indeed.  We managed to get through Edward Scissorhands, Adaptation and Labyrinth on Monday night, as well as wandering aimlessly in Warley Woods for a bit.  Quite pleasant.

More DVDs and very little else.  Moulin Rouge!, Run Lola Run, The Hours and Spirited Away (dubbed this time so I could pay more attention to the animation) all in the billing, before a trip to town for some drinks.

Back at work.  Pretty much of a muchness, really.  Nothing very interesting.

MGM-day.  The morning was aggravating for various reasons that I can now barely remember, mostly to do with the photocopier breaking or the usual (silent) battle of wills with Sandra.  It was so aggravating I very nearly didn't go to the MGM.  I did go, in the end, though was quite antisocial for much of it, sitting in the corner and having small conversations with individuals rather than groups.  mercurycirce did turn up this time, and was thoroughly lovely.  Also chatted with rubytitania, Kiwi and Richie (sober, this time) and took some random photos, which I'll put somewhere later for MGM types to view them.  We decamped to the Rainbow about 10.45ish, but Paul and I didn't stay there very long and ended up back at mine about 1.00ish. Taxi driver went down the wrong road and ended up charging a whole extra £2.00, the bastard.

Went to Riley's again with Paul to meet Alex and a couple more of his friends for some pool.  Before that we went to Paul's and I watched Alex destroy him at football on the PS2 and crash into things in GTA.  Was quite a pleasant day, though the evening ended on something of a negative note.  Ironically, on Tuesday Paul mentioned how we had yet to have an argument, and although we didn't argue, per se, I think I scared him a bit...

Frelling exhausted.  Next week's going to be Hell, I know, since I've got the week after that off and need to work insane hours Monday-Thursday to accrue enough to leave early on Friday to pick up Eni from the station.  Going to see Sin City later with Paul to make up for last night.

PS: Eni - I'll reply to the swircle in a moment, or at the very least tomorrow, and we can organise your arrival, etc. therein.