June 6th, 2005

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Sin City, and an update.

I was going to attempt to do this at lunchtime but LJ was refusing to cooperate over the BCC servers, and I was far too tired last night after I'd sifted through the influx of comments.  So, this may not be as coherent as I'd like, but it's something resembling a review nonetheless.

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So, there we go.  I would definitely recommend this one, whether you've read the graphic novel or not.  I know people are saying it's close to the novels in terms of design and story, but, obviously, fans of the novels would have to find that out for themselves.  Definitely go and see it.

In other news - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory opens in July, yay!!  The more I see of the trailers and publicity shots, the more excited I get.  This one's going to be good, people.  I can tell.  Burton is definitely back on form, and with Johnny Depp at the helm it's going to utterly, utterly wonderful.  Yes, even with the terrifying teeth.  I can't wait. :D

I'm going to make a doctor's appointment.  Two issues of concern, health-wise, at the moment, but before I do make the appointment, I want people to let me know if I'm just being a hypochondriac...

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So, you should probably anticipate either an update on said health, or a long rant about the uselessness of my doctor's surgery/the price of medicine these days.

Oh, yes.  And today we had a Unit meeting again to discuss various issues, which resulted in us arguing for 10 minutes about something that wasn't even a problem because Sandra basically didn't listen to what I was saying, and because she and Amanda didn't want to do something that was in their frelling job description.  Cynthia was on my side, luckily.  The temptation to ask my agency to get me another position somewhere grows ever stronger, and I'm honestly only staying out of (misguided?) loyalty to a team that I can barely work with any more.  The system seemed to work just fine when I started nearly a year ago (Jesus, that's depressing...) and it's all changing. I don't like change, especially when the arrangements that were in place originally still work just as well as they did before.  I also don't like people interfering with my systems by rearranging the drawers so I can't find anything, or putting stuff in my in-tray for me to do when it's not completed and then complaining because it was wrong because they gave me the wrong instructions and then making out it was my fault, or giving me stuff to do that it's not even my job to do and then getting arsey when I say I won't do it right that second.

And breathe.


This week's going to be frelling aggravating again, I can just tell.  Not to mention the fact I need to work doubly hard to get everything done before I get more piled on me next week, which isn't going to happen when the forum's right there for me to play on...  So I apologise in advance to Paul for any ranty emails he may receive, and to the Inliners for any annoyed foruming...

I swear, this entry's taken far too long to complete.  My brain hurts, my eyes hurt, and I should probably go to bed.  Which is actually a very good plan, as it'll stop me finishing this post with a long, rambling nothingness about feeling trapped and wanting to escape, because I can feel it trying to worm its way onto the page, but I'm not going to let it.  I know it won't solve anything anyway.  So instead I'll end with this.

I am trapped.

I do want to run away.

But I can't.  Because for all the reasons I want to, there's the same amount of reasons I can't.

And on that piece of crypticness, I shall go.