June 14th, 2005

Photo - leaves

Note to self.

Amazon.co.uk order - a reminder to myself.

~ Priscilla Special Edition DVD
~ A Very Long Engagement DVD
~ The Last Unicorn soundtrack
~ De-Lovely DVD
~ Anything else I happen to spot along the way...

To do in three remaining days:

~ CDs x3 for Paul
~ new LJ layout.  Most likely Rocky Horror, possibly Jonathan Creek, and then definitely, eventually, Priscilla Anthony/Adam slash as planned back in February...
~ some.frelling.writing.dammit
~ random icons.  Songset, hopefully.

Meh. Looks like that'll be three days in front of the computer, then.

Real, actual update tomorrow, post-doctor's appointment at 9.45.  Wish me luck.
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