June 18th, 2005

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Random nothingness.

As anticipated, and despite the best efforts of mice and men (etc) I have managed to achieve nothing this week in the slightest.  However, I will momentarily attempt to finish typing up the Act 2 libretto for collie_wing and maybe attempt my next LJ layout.  Possibly a CD.

My head hurts and my eyes ache.  I feel hungover even though I didn't drink last night.  Went to a picnic in Pij to see off ebb with various other Inliners, though I was quite antisocial for much of it and the last couple of hours in the Briar I think I spoke about thirty words in total due to complete mental exhaustion.  Meh.

I'll sign this one off, I think.

For anyone I may have promised/offered anything, or for anyone expecting something from me not yet received: I'm sorry.  I suck.
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Cabaret - Mein Herr

Note to self...

...stop overreacting.

I semi-ranted in a filtered post at Paul about something, and it turned out I was just being an idiot.  It didn't help that my head was frelling killing me, either.

Anyway, I'd misinterpreted confusion for lack of caring, which was my own stupid fault for jumping to conclusions. We (me, mum and David) went for a meal at the local Harvester and discussed things and they agree that the counselling option is probably for the best.  (It's amazing the stuff you learn in these conversations, too...)  We've also decided that there's probably a physical cause as well, that the current job stress definitely isn't helping, and that I'll start shoving multi-vitamins down my neck to see if that helps.

I'll see how this coming week holds out at work and if it's as stressful as it was before the week off (I anticipate a drenload of typing; that I can deal with; it's the interoffice crap I can't deal with) I'll talk to Tina and then go to my agency and ask them to find me somewhere else on the same if not slightly more money, hopefully nearer to home...

Anyway.  It is, to coin a phrase, fucking hot.  I am definitely not a hot-weather person by any stretch of the imagination, even if it does mean I can wear pretty things.  Meh.

Right.  I think I might be just about proactive enough to attempt a new layout.  Watch this space...
Random - Absinthe!

Forgot about this.

Answers to lyrics meme from however many days ago it was:

1. Here I sit, much determined, ever ill-equipped. - Alanis Morissette - This Grudge
2. I never needed this.  I never needed anyone. - Juliana Hatfield - Somebody Is Waiting For Me
3. So go on and scream, scream at me. - Evanescence - Going Under
4. I saw your dreams and, infatuated with this freedom, you say the words and I could be them, and I'd be your angel. Catatonia - Part of the Furniture
5. When we're dead, they'll know just who we are. - Marylin Manson - The Nobodies
6. When you're alone and afraid, and you're completely amazed to find there's nothing anybody can do... - Meatloaf - Rolck & Roll Dreams Come Through
7. Are you sorry?  Are you kidding? - Chicago - We Both Reached For The Gun
8. Don't need your poison, me.  I'll dig the melancholy. - Catatonia - Is Everybody Here On Drugs?
9. If you were smart, you would keep on walking out of my life, as fast as you can. - Sunset Boulevard - Too Much In Love To Care
10. It's hard sometimes not to look away, and think, "What's the point?" Dido - Stoned

As usual, Eni won.