June 19th, 2005

Photo - leaves

I hate summer.

At the very least, I hate British summer, because it's all humid and blech...  I have yet to be assaulted this year by moths or wasps, so be forewarned the grumbling will only get worse as the weather gets warmer - which, really, it doesn't have to.  It's really quite hot enough already.

My throat hurts. :(  Probably coming down with something, in which case, I wish it'd damn well hurry up and get it over with.

I really don't want to go back into work tomorrow, especially as the Most Haunted Live weekend starts tonight through to Tuesday so I'll be getting less sleep than usual.

Hm.  Only just had breakfast and it's nearly lunchtime...

This is pointless, yay.

Still need to listen to Eni's MP3 CD and decide on some final playlists for yoshi's CDs, which I might do later if my brain wakes up...
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I have a grand total of 42 tracks to spread over 3 CDs for Paul (13 musical tracks; 14 classical randomness; 15 general stuff), which also leaves me room for even more.

Of course, I have to rip about 15 of those to my HDD first.  Meh.  My CD ripper is being insanely slow, too...  And that reminds me, I must really by an actual copy of "Absolute O'Brien" one of these days, as I've been listening to Traci's copy for near-on four years now...

Ooh, stuff to add to the Amazon list:

~ Triplettes of Belleville soundtrack
~ Shock Treatment soundtrack

Katie sent me both on cassette a while back but I can get them on CD and then free up another tape for mixingness...

Eni - glad to see you're still enjoying the Rembrandts.  I hurled all the MP3s into WMP and let it play them all the way through so I'm only up to the Badlees at the moment, but am muchly enjoying so far. :)