June 21st, 2005

Photo - leaves

Curse you, God, for making me this way!

Now, if my hair would just stay like Collapse ) then I would be far happier with it.  That's immediately post-shower and towel-dry, and pre-being-brushed, incidentally...  I mean, I could probably create that effect with some hair gel or something, but meh. Effort.

So.  Today I spent most of the day feeling like crap.  My brain point blank refused to sit still in my skull and at one point I was sure I was actually going to keel over onto my keyboard.  I also seem to have developed hayfever only in the left hand side of my face, in addition to my sore throat...

I swear, my body is finally rebelling against me...

Right.  Tonight I have to make the final two CD covers/tracklists and print them off, whilst taping Most Haunted Live to watch on Thursday.