June 24th, 2005

Farscape - John&Aeryn - happiness

Randomly in a very, very good mood.

Happiness Is...

...waking up to This Almighty Thunderstorm, about ten seconds after my alarm - more than enough to drive me out of bed and my brain has been pleasantly buzzing ever since (though the effect is far better when it's dark out...)

...running into an Inliner on the bus. Which, in itself, was fairly insignificant, but it reminded me that I've gotten to know too many new people to count these past couple of months (as well as adding to my LJ f-list substantially), and now have a group of acquaintances with whom to get regularly drunk with. Moreover, I have a group of acquaintances who like to spread gossip like little old ladies. Which, for some reason, is something I've never experienced before.

...two months, one week and a day. Not that I'm keeping track, or anything.

...waking up this morning without feeling dizzy or my head pounding, as I have done for the past two days running. So I can only attribute it to the heat. Stupid weather.

...chocolate. I bought a huge Galaxy bar last night and forgot how nice it is straight out of the fridge on a warm night.

...the OMGuber-squee cuteness of David W and Matthew on the final night of Most Haunted Live. Seriously. I think half of the audience squeed, too. And someone even texted in to say how sweet they looked. Honestly, MHOTP? So not making it up any more. They're bringing it on themselves!

...not being completely exhausted. Tired, certainly, but not mentally, physically and emotionally drained. I'm definitely blaming the heat...

...drag cabaret on Saturday. So this in itself is a reminder. This Saturday (25th June) at the Wellington, at some point during the evening, we'll be showing support for Marco, as I mentioned in my post-Pride post. Come and join us!

Quick update before Amanda arrives in the office.

I don't remember when I last updated, but anyway. This week has been weird. Wednesday morning I had off sick, and turned up at 11.00 figuring some hours were better than no hours at all. I went to bed with a headache and woke up with slightly less of one, tried to get up and felt really queasy and dizzy, so went back to bed. Woke up at about 9.00 and felt a lot better so called in to say I'd be late, and spent most of the day being light-headed and wobbly. I was the same most of Thursday, too.

Wednesday night was spent house-sitting (read: watching DVDs in someone else's house) at Paul's brother's new house, wherein nothing frellingwell worked. No, really. The remote control for the DVD-player refused to function, we had to steal a VCR from one of the kids' rooms, there was mould growing both in a coffee-mug and on the bread (word to the wise: mould doesn't flush), there was no spare toilet roll, and they have a grand total of one drinking glass, so we were drinking red wine out of mugs. Very classy, I'm sure you'll agree. Otherwise a pleasant evening, though.

Nothing much else to report, really... David was out having a meal with his family last night, so mum and I had the house to ourselves, after a trip to Argos/Homebase/Asda. I watched Tuesday's MHL and she came to join me. Not quite quality time, but it was quite pleasant, nonetheless.

So, yes. I should really update more often, then I wouldn't have to do insanely long posts to clog your friends-lists... (And I really need a more specific 'happiness' icon...)
Photo - leaves


Amazon order has been placed.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert special edition DVD
De-Lovely DVD
A Very Long Engagement DVD
The Last Unicorn soundtrack
Shock Treatment soundtrack
H2G2 movie soundtrack (just for the dolphin song :D)
Once Around The Sun by Joby Talbot
Phantasia (arrangements of POTO and Woman in White; both of these are for my mum but I'll probably steal this one)
The Best of Dave Allen (for David)
Dead Like Me complete series 1

Coming to a grand total of £144.57, but I'm getting about £50 of that back anyway...

Ouch.  This is why we don't let me go near Amazon.  Or HMV, for that matter.