June 26th, 2005

SB - Max - Oy

More cabaret! More!

So, last night was cool.

I met Paul at Riley's in Moseley at about 5.00, having gone all the way into town and out again (on the 50) to do so.  I have never seen so many people get onto one bus at the same time.  No, really.  It was insane.  I was convinced I was going to miss my stop, but as it transpired most of the people had got off by then...

We shot some pool for a bit with his mates, Alex and Justin, and then Justin gave us a lift into town so we could go to the Wellington.  We sat in the darkened back room for a bit until we did espy Marco, who was promptly leapt upon to ask if he was still performing.  He said there'd been a mix-up, but he was going to do four songs at the end of the night.  So we stayed to watch all of the karaoke and cabaret again...

rubytitania and 87wt2gxq7 both turned up briefly, as did "Poi-Guy" (I think his name is Chris...) although they decamped to the Rainbow after about half an hour.

The cabaret, once more, was very good.  The first act, Pelara (I think), was from London and was very funny.  The second one, Miss Emelda, was from Bristol and had been in Miss Saigon in the West End for 10 years, she was excellent, and very, very funny. She did a Saigon medley with some former cast members she'd worked with, too, which was fun.  Marco performed his stint last of all and we stayed the whole night to show support and solidarity before wandering through to the main bar to order a taxi, where we got chatting with the hostess/bookings manager, Vanilla Rimer (and Paul apologised for the tirade of abuse he'd hurled at her all night. :P)  I also asked Emelda if she'd played the Engineer in Saigon, based purely on the fact that the "American Dream" bit of the medley was bloody amazing, and it turned out I was right. :)

Some more dates for your diaries:  next Saturday (2nd July), Vanilla will be performing her own show.  On 30th July, Emelda will be back to do a full show as well.  Both should be worth a viewing.  Not sure if I'm going to manage Vanilla's show as it's also the Capones gig at the Bear that night... we'll see, anyway.

So, quite enjoyable, although we didn't get back until 2.00am, and I've only just frellingwell got home...