June 27th, 2005

MH - shoulder - J/Y


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I would fill out everyone else's, but for some reason AOL is being a pain in the frelling arse and everything's damnably slow.

Some things:

~ forum trolls have to die. Especially ones that should know better.
~ only on Inline could a thread about cats turn into one about the purpose of life. Seriously.
~ F.A.O. any Most Haunted geeks on my f-list - join mh_icons, the icon challenge community. We only have 6 members and that's not enough to start setting challenges.
~ Countdown will never be the same again.
~ Good luck and many hugs of possibly-no-internet solidarity to thefleshfailure. I was going to reinstate the swircle, but that'll be pointless until you're definitely back online...
~ I'm tired again.
~ I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow for my follow-up appointment, so I'll also ask about the random illness last week and about getting the insanely horrible mole under my navel possibly removed... although I think it's falling off of its own accord. That can't be good, can it? Full report, etc. tomorrow.
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